New Year Greetings

Happy New Year.


I would like to thank you last year.
Since we will continue to bear in mind the service you can satisfy this year
Thanking you in advance.


I pray from your heart for your health and success.
Thanking you in advance.


I pray for the new year to be a good year.


New Year’s Day Heisei 31
Nippon Fiber Co., Ltd. All employees


We are seeking those who will move us as a manager in the near future in response to the future expansion and possibilities of business.
Old fabric recycling is a business that is becoming increasingly important in the future.Utilizing the achievements and know-how that have been made up to now, the fun and significance of cultivating new needs and markets are also great.Will not you grow to a pioneer?It is never a dream to create a new business model of old-fashioned regeneration and to gain world market share.

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