Declaration of protection of personal information

In providing services to customers, Nippon Fiber Co., Ltd. stipulates provision for handling information on all individuals and strives to properly protect personal information.

Privacy policy

(1)We will comply with the provisions of the Telecommunications Business Law related to the Personal Information Protection Law and the secrecy of communications and other relevant laws and regulations.
(2)We will comply with the guidelines on personal information protection in telecommunications business (Notification No. 695 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, August 31, 2004).
(3)We will properly manage all personal information handled.
(4)Everyone engaged in business at our company protect various personal information and respond to that trust.
(5)In order to prevent unauthorized access to information, loss of information, destruction, falsification and leakage, we will take necessary and appropriate safety control measures and make efforts to improve it.

About the handling of personal information

(1)Identification of usage purpose
We will use personal information such as acquired name, address, telephone number for the following purposes.
[Respond to inquiries to our company, procedures for shipping products, request to a delivery company]
(2)Disclosure of personal information
If there is a request for disclosure of personal information about you from the member, we will verify the identity and respond to this. Also, we will respond promptly when there is a request for correction etc. of the contents of personal information.
(3)Use / provision of personal information
We will acquire customer’s personal information to the extent necessary for providing the service and use / offer within the scope of acquisition purpose.
(4)Third Party Provision
We will disclose and disclose personal information to third parties unless we do not use personal information within the scope of acquisition purpose and manage in an appropriate manner, notify the provider of personal information and its purpose of use and obtain consent, We will not provide it. However, this is not the case in the following cases.
The third party offer of personal information that we do is as follows.
  • ・Criminal Procedure Code Article 218 (Seizure, Search and Verification by Warrant) Other cases where compulsory disposition is made under the provisions of the Act.
  • ・When the requirement for disclosure request based on Article 4 of the Act on Limitation of Liability of Specified Telecommunications Service Provider and Disclosure of Caller Information (Request for Dispersion of Caller Information, etc.) is satisfied.
  • ・When we judge that it is necessary for protection of life, body or wealth.

Inquiries of personal information

For inquiries concerning the handling of personal information possessed by our company, please do the following.
Nihon Fiber Co.Ltd
〒831-0026 1489-1, Mitsumaru, Okawa-shi, Fukuoka-ken
Tel.0944-86-5711 Fax.0944-86-5881


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〒831-0026 1489-1, Mitsumaru, Okawa-shi, Fukuoka-ken