After carefully checking the clothing we bought, if they are not suitable to sell as secondhand clothing, we process it as “waste” and sell it. “Waste” means the cloths for the maintenance of machines, primarily used for maintenances of machineries and appliances, tools and so on. Nippon Fiber Inc. has the product line of the “waste” of the various kinds of colors and materials.

Economy Recycle Waste
Ship at the expense of Nippon Fiber Inc. to order more than 100kg (cloth).
“Hokkaido Okinawa widening 50 yen per kg”
Order available (0944-86-5771) · FAX (0944-86-5881) · MAIL TEL.
Name of your desired product, please let us know the quantity.
※Please be sure to specify your address and your phone number your name when you order by FAX · mail.
※All listed prices are excluding tax.

  • White Meias Waste ¥3,700(10kg)
  • White Waste ¥2,200(10kg)
  • 5 Color Waste ¥1,500(10kg)
  • White Thick Waste ¥1,500(10kg)
  • Cargo Blanket ¥2,500(10sheets)
  • Towel Waste ¥2,700(10kg)
  • Color Meias Waste ¥2,100(10kg)
  • 2Color Waste ¥1,700(10kg)
  • Black Waste ¥1,500(10kg)
All other things such as the old cloths, the waste textiles not suitable to use as the “waste” or “raw materials of recovered wool” are used for the manufacturing the felt, hot-water supply, heating and so on as the heat source. We make use of them for our energy-saving and ecological efforts while promoting it within the company.
We also select recovered clothing and reuse it as anti-hair material.
Reclaimed wool is a product obtained by processing a cloth with a machine and returning it to the original cotton or hairy monofilament, and as an industrial felt, it is used as an interior material for automobiles, a heat insulating soundproof material for buildings, an inner material of a bed, furniture, etc. It is used for cushioning materials, internal materials of stuffed toys, etc.
All old cloth which is not suitable for either use and waste generated by processing are all reused as a heat source.
It is used for solid fuel and felt manufacturing, hot water supply / heating and so on.

We are seeking those who will move us as a manager in the near future in response to the future expansion and possibilities of business.
Old fabric recycling is a business that is becoming increasingly important in the future.Utilizing the achievements and know-how that have been made up to now, the fun and significance of cultivating new needs and markets are also great.Will not you grow to a pioneer?It is never a dream to create a new business model of old-fashioned regeneration and to gain world market share.

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