Clothing mainly bought from across the country is subdivided by category and it is exported to a wide area such as Southeast Asia and Middle East.
Especially, the clothing made in Japan are very popular since their sewing and qualities are good, so its demand in the market is expanding.
Nippon Fiber Inc.’s challenge to focus on developing the overseas markets much further has already begun.
Major export destinationsEXPORT
  • ・Singapore
  • ・Pakistan
  • ・Malaysia
  • ・India
  • ・Hong Kong
  • ・Saudi Arabia
  • ・Bangladesh
While maintaining close cooperation with the main business of Nippon Fibers, it develops its own business.We are drawing steady results in every direction.

We are seeking those who will move us as a manager in the near future in response to the future expansion and possibilities of business.
Old fabric recycling is a business that is becoming increasingly important in the future.Utilizing the achievements and know-how that have been made up to now, the fun and significance of cultivating new needs and markets are also great.Will not you grow to a pioneer?It is never a dream to create a new business model of old-fashioned regeneration and to gain world market share.

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